RebuildCrvNonUniform Bug


Part of a script I have simplifies a curve by using RebuildCrvNonUniform to a tolerance of 0.05mm with a maximum of 51 control points… It threw an error when this curve was fed into it (shown in black below). Attempting to do the same manually results in a curve with a stated error of 0.00207935mm and 5 control points (shown in blue). It is clearly outside this tolerance.

Moving one of the control points in the original curve even slightly “fixes” the problem however this is not really solving the issue when this is scripted. I do not think it is helpful to set my tolerance lower than 0.002, it kind of defeats the purpose of rebuilding it in the first case.

Can anyone repeat this on their end? Any clues as to what is going on?

RebuildCrvNonUniform_Error.3dm (24.8 KB)

Hi Wattzie - I see that… still poking at it. Thanks for posting this.

Fixed for V6