Rebuild curve + control points mismatch

Hello,would anyone be able to lend some help regarding rebuilding curves and then getting control points out of them? I’m getting mismatched number of control of points. Say if I’ve rebuilt a curve with 3 degrees and 6 points when I get control points I get 9 points, 9 weights, 11 knots. What’s the cause of this behavior? See file below for reference… Any help is much appreciated. (35.9 KB)

there must be some answers here

Hi thanks for getting back, yea I’ve been meaning to read that for the past 2 years, did not happen :sweat_smile: … until now, I took a look at it and yea, it seems that uniform nurbs curves use more control points to control a curve which is not awfully helpful. It’s comes off as hard to predict and not intuitive. And you, @laurent_delrieu, don’t think there is a way around this behavior by treating curves differently… so that things (curves and control points) look and behave the same way they seem,rather than with overlapping control points?