Rebuild a mesh with planar quads

Hi everybody,

I am currently facing a a difficulty with Planarizing a mesh and would like to have some advice: I have mesh which i would like to rebuild with planar quads (see picture). I have been trying few methods so far but nothing satisfying yet, for instance Kangaroo2 (i never used it before so i tried only very simples solutions)

The main issue being that i need to get as big quads as possible (ideally 5 quads for the whole mesh, with a difference of ±0.5m Planarize (1.0 KB)

I am not asking a ready made definition but more to share experience with somebody who had face the same kind of problem. I have already spent a lot of time on that project so i would need to know which direction is worth pursuing.

Thanks for your answer,

In case somebody faces the same problem, the solution was indeed into using Kangaroo2! i found a working solution.

Could you share the definition please ? …very much needed


Sorry for the late reply, these few weeks have been quiet Hectic. Here is an example definition to start with, you always need to custom build your goals to match what you want so it not a plug and play unfotunately, but a good base to start: (15.9 KB)