Reading curvature analysis and eliminating any inconsistencies

I have a specific question regarding making sound STP files. The intention is to cut steel plates with holes under a certain angle.

The problem is that the factory’s machine and software doesn’t recognize a singular angle for each hole. Apparently it is able to read the side of the whole element however, which is sloped at 30º and a flat surface, whereas the hole is 3D. I have been told the machine can only process one angle/slope per hole, which meant that I had to eliminate any angle in the shorter side of the hole. I am pretty sure I have done this succesfully, but this is still a possible source for the problem.

I made these holes using Solid Difference in Grasshopper and made sure that the positive of this hole was a simple Brep, made by extruding a 2D-profile along a simple line. Other routes, doing it in Rhino with BooleanSplit or Loft didn’t generate any results either.

I have been looking at CurvatureAnalysis and see some light shading in the corners, but I am actually not at all sure what I am looking at. I suppose the shading suggests that there is more than one curvature at play here. Would it be possible to get rid of this?

If anyone has experience with similar manufacturing challenges, please advice.

Test.stp (31.2 KB)

Hello- Curvature seems not like the right thing to look at here, but I may not understand the problem correctly. DraftAngleAnalysis might be more useful.

In Z:

or possibly on the hole ‘axis’


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You’re right, that’s probably what i need. I also realized i made a mistake in thinking the short side was parallel to the Z direction. I’m pretty sure that is also what the first image you posted confirms. I’m pretty sure i’ll solve it from here. Thank you!