Read .3dm file in grasshopper

Hi there.

I use to open 3dm file into grasshopper with the read 3dm file tool in an old “human” version :
this one :

(I did open an old file on a friend computer who is not up to date to take thoose pics)

but this tool seems to be no longer available in the newest human version.
I tried to “import 3DM” tool but it seems not to import attributes (and I need them) :

any idea any VB / python ready to use solution ? because I did find some code parts on google but I just absolutely don’t know how to make them work…

thanks for your help !

here is an example that shows how to import objects from a 3dm file by layer and getting their attributes / geometry (14.6 KB)

which plugin are you using to read the attributes?

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thanks, it seems great, gonna try it soon.

i generally used elefront for attributes, and sometimes human.