Randomized Curling


I’m looking to replicate this effect in a parametric manner:

Could anyone shoot me any pointers where I should begin?


I guess you could see each facade and even both roof surfaces, as surfaces with rectangular subdivisions, corresponding to the shingles. Each subdivision cell could then be transformed randomly or by attractors to make the pattern.

Here we have one example that you can start with.

Shingle Facade Demo.gh (19.8 KB)


you are literally a godsend. already worked out the curvatures and extensions of the extrusions based on your rotated curves. thank you so much. you’ve made my day

Gradually more rotated from top to bottom…

Shingle Facade DemoV2.gh (22.8 KB)


Thank you again!!!

Literally? :open_mouth:
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Could I ask for your help figuring our how to go about applying this to a curved surface? I’ve been trying to change out the input to accommodate a srf or brep component without much success. :frowning:

Right now, I’m trying to use the output of the existing script and applying either a sporph or a surface morph but the computation becomes unwieldy as can be expected.

Have a try this way.

Shingle Facade DemoV3.gh (21.3 KB)


Got it! Thank you!!!

Hi HS_Kim! Hi All!

First off, thank you HS_Kim for helping us noobs!

I am working with your grasshopper file, and I am having a really tough time getting it to work on my surface.
In the one screenshot you can see almost what I am after. Long waves of opening and closing shingles, which I would love to define with curve attractors along my surface or with an image sampler.
In the other screenshot you can see the distorted shingles that happen at other areas on my surface.

I would also love the rows above the fully open shingle position to also gradually open, like dominos leaning on each other, as in the third screenshot.

Any tips would be hugely appreciated!

Cheers from Bavaria!


SHINGLES-SRF.3dm (77.9 KB)

SHINGLE-FACADE_re.gh (36.1 KB)


Dear HS_Kim,

WOW! My mind is blown!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Do you have a patreon or a Paypal Account so I can buy you a case of beer?
Please send me a link!

You are a hero!

Thank you!