Variable folding of an object

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I asked this in past. This forum really needs better tools to search from past threads.
We need to further categorize single posts.
We have gallery tag, good.
But very often a thread is resolved with a post that have a really good solution (often with a nice picture) but after some time it is “lost” in the rest of the forum.

For this thread, I remembered @HS_Kim did something similar (probably also many times) and I had to go through his posts, scroll down for a couple of minute, manually open the browser search function (because the ctrl-f version of this forum is not good), and search for “rotate” then “panel”, “facade”. And then I had to open all the posts that might be the one I remembered, until I found it.

(Lucky me, because I remembered the 2019 content, but the post I’ve found is more recent)
… it’s that “Randomized Curling” thread… no tags, title sort of misleading… aka “buried and forgotten content”.
I’ve found that only thanks to the “facade” keyword inside the name of the attachment…
Is this a proper search method?

If a post (not thread) is marked as solution and/or have a good amount of likes (and if it have a picture, even better), that post should have a way to be visible the same way we can explore posts with “gallery” tag.
Also, such posts should have their own tags!!
The post I’ve linked here ^ should have also “rotate” “pattern” “attractor” “facade” “panels” tags… imho.
There are a lot of users posting literal ART as simple replies to bad-categorized threads… and that content is simply lost!!

A lot of good content, that could be useful for new users, or as archive, as examples, etc… is instead lost. And new threads will come to ask again the same things, because search doesn’t help. And those new-but-already-seen posts sometime are even NOT replied at all, because who know how to do it already did many times in past and can’t be bothered to do it again!

If I could filter post by:

  • creator: Hs_Kim / Laurent Delrieu / Daniel Picker / (many others that I don’t want to offend by omitting them)
  • marked as solution OR received 4+ likes

and display the resulting posts like a gallery (attached picture visible, not just the title), it would be probably more interesting than the current gallery (because those posts have attached a .gh that anybody can use). For learning. For categorizing. etc…

Currently it’s bad. A shame.
Hope anybody is understanding what i’m saying…

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