Raling curves for spiral staircases

Since it’s quite cumbersome to create a helix curve with the right angle to create spiral staircase railings, I’d like to suggest a feature for this (assuming there isn’t already).
Thanks a lot!
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I tried finding the thread where Pascal made the HelixByAngle script which saves a lot of effort. I’ve used it for production drawings of several helical steel staircases for both the stringers and handrails, and it works very well. However, I couldn’t find the thread? So here it is HelixByAngle.zip (569 Bytes) . All props to Pascal!

The only potential problem is that it was written for V5.

Thank you, MattE! Will come in handy!
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@Eugen I add your vote for this feature. If you are using a stair style that has a slab, you can duplicate the edge of the slab with the DupEdge command (the edge is not highlighted in this process, by the way) and generate the railing from it.

Thank you!
I did use the vaStairClearanceContour command, which gives a nice degree 2 curve, and edited that one.