R8 - how do i control linetypescale for printing?

Hi @Benjamin_Schnei and @stevebaer ,
Here are the important quotes from the this thread.

@Benjamin_Schnei this sounds like a solution that we discussed earlier. In other words, you are looking for linetypes in detail viewport to be drawn on the screen on in model units instead of layout units.

If you want to see the linetypes on the details like you see they in a model viewport like Top, then you have to scale the linetypes in Model units, not Layout unit. When means that somehow we need an option to get back to this like we had in Rhino 7.

Like @stevebaer asked, do you want “detail viewports drawn in world lengths instead of in output paper lengths?”, and I think the answer is YES!

I believe this the model scale options that Rhino 7 and previous versions had that Rhino 8 is missing. This is why we logged RH-79524
When we get a fix for this, you can test and see if it solves your issue.

Mary Ann Fugier

may i ask why my suggested solution of adding a button like for dimensions and annotations is not so well received? from my point of view, this would be the simplest and most efficient solution.

could be that we dont need the “enable model space scaling” option for the line types.

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yes, this seems to be what i want. and then i want the print look exaxctly the same like the drawing does in model space and layout space. In r7 i used most of the time (99%) the “match viewport display” options.

well, I dont get exactly what you mean here, I am not a native english speaker. I would then make a template with the right checkboxes clicked (all the scaling disabled) and then never think about that again. with the checkboxes i suggested the information would be stored to the .3dm.

my working method does not change anything after drawing in model space, not in the layout view and not in the printer setup.

I do like this idea of layout or model scaling being exposed, however I believe a radio button is a better option than a check box since it is one or the other for the model, not both.

However changing the UI of a product that is already shipping is definitely avoided after feature freeze, which was in May 2023. Command line options are generally a more acceptable way to add something that was inadvertently forgotten or removed by mistake.

Rhino 7 did not have a UI for this and offered the option in a command line that was also scriptable. It is unlikely that the developers will do anything different to correct this issue in Rhino 8.

This is a great suggestion for Rhino 9. I will write up a Wish for this option on the Linetype dialog.
Now model scale value will be back.
It was dropped off by mistake, but I believe you will see that in the next service release.
Thank you, Benjamin.

Mary Ann Fugier

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thank you!

hey Mary,

any news on that?

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Hi @Benjamin_Schnei
Yes, I am waiting for this fix too.

This items RH-79524
was replaced with RH-79551/Add-Model-Unit-Scaling-to-linetype

This is available for public view and is marked as “in progress” by the developer.
When I see something to test, I will let you know.
And when there is a fix in a service release, the system notify you here are well.

Mary Ann Fugier

Some additional clarification.

Printing from a Model viewport works. You do get your linetype scale exactly like you see on the model.

Printing the linetype scale like you see on the model from a layout where the issue is and why this has been logged.
In Rhino 8 sr4, you can not print Model linetype scale from a Layout. This is still an open issue. You get the linetype being shown and printed in Layout units, not model units.
See RH-79551/Add-Model-Unit-Scaling-to-linetype

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thank you, we are getting there! :slight_smile: