{R7-WIP} values not properly compared? why?


Just reporting what seems to be odd behavior - somewhat problematic when you’re relying on getting the correct output :P.

I checked the file tolerance and other ‘basics’ like opening the same parameters in all Rhino 6, 7, and WIP.

I am comparing a list of values (list B) to another list of values (list A).

Simple stuff.

Some values in list B are equivalent to some values in list B (known prior to bug).

When using the equality component I get an inadequate output:

Interestingly, this issue persists even if I round values to the nearest integers, making the equivalent values even more obvious without decimals.

When I substitute said component for the larger than option and use the ‘larger-than-or-equal’ output, the result is (edit) almost correct?


Still not correct.

If I use the similarity component, the output is also faulty.

I need to output the equivalent values.
Thanks in advance for looking into it.

Try without running floats through Panels. That’s a No No if you are expecting accuracy.

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Thanks for your reply @Japhy !

If this is what was meant:

I’m still perplexed!

I think it works as it should, your last item in the shorter list will be repeated until in reaches the length of the first list to match the first lists’ length. So the first picture you post the Falses and Trues are correct.

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@Gijs beat me to the answer.

This illustrates the point:

Also it’s not really possible to truly evaluate your problem from screen shots. The text panels do not show the full precision of floating point numbers. In the future, please upload a GH file.


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Thanks for your input!

Well, then - my arguments are invalid

Please excuse my ignorance!



Thank you for further illustrating my ignorance.

It makes complete sense!

Both @Gijs and you are correct.

It reminded me of brute-force. Interpreted the values into Z coordinates and I get what I need:

I get it but I don’t.