R7 - How to compress layers

Hi I have imported a DXF file from Fusion 360 (yuck) and the sketched shapes I click on in the document have multiple layers present, on top of each other. How do I discard/compress the duplicate shapes and layers?

If you are lucky and the objects are exact duplicates, SelDup should select them, then hit Delete.

They do seem to be exact duplicates but SelDup doesn’t seem to work for all of them. It does select them when I initially use Seldup. I hit delete. I think it does something. But afterwards, there are more duplicates that look identical but it won’t select them when I run SelDup again.

I guess you didn’t get so lucky… That means that there are elements that are almost duplicates but not quite. You can try selecting all, Explode, SimplifyCrv, then SelDup again to see if any more select… if you manage to delete all the dupes, then select the rest and use Join to join the line segments back into rectangles, etc.