Questions about cable component and curve load

hello kiwi3d team,
I am building a model about kinetic grids and I am having some problems with the control of cable element.
I need to stretch the longitudinal cables to make the grid shrink and deform, and then relax the longitudinal cables and stretch the transverse cables to restore the grid to its original shape, but I don’t know how to control the tension of the cables in both directions in different steps.
How can i use different local LD curve to control the cables’ demoration in two direcrtions? I see that the cable component can only control the prestress by the global load displacement curve.
I tried to simulate prestress of the cable through the curve load component, but I don’t understand how to use the PRES/PRES_FL type, can these two types of loads achieve the operation I need above?If so, please tell me how to use these two loadtypes.
Attached below is my gh file and the simulation effect I want to achieve (I achieved the result of deformation through two simulations).
Thanks for your help (167.6 KB)

Hey, the control of the prestress is unfortunately only possible with the global curve. You can only try to split the analysis into two. Tension cable 1 in the first one. Use the geometry reference(no prestress in cable in ) the second one for beams and cables and tension the second cable. However, the stress in the first cable will only shrink by relaxtion, not decreasing prestress. PRES loads are pressure load perpendicular to the beam axis, so not applicable for your case.
I’ll add separate load curves to the to-do list.

Ok,thanks for your reply!