Python or Java as a Rhino Developer

Hello All, I want to know which programming is best as a rhino developer and which programming is best from a future point of view and salary point of view. Both are trending programming language but which language pay more. I am from India and I want to know the average salary of both profiles in India.

Rhino development you do in: C/C++ (Rhino plug-ins on Windows), C# or other .NET language (Rhino and Grasshopper plug-ins, cross-platform) and Python (Rhino scripts).

For more information check

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Thanks @nathanletwory I will research that but I have good knowledge of python and I have checked some information on this post. So can you suggest me, Is python good in Rhino?

You should be able to do most things in Python.

Personally I prefer Python for prototyping code, then write in C#.

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For python you should look around this forum and the developer documentation for the differences between Ironpython, Cpython, Hops, Rhinocommon and Rhinoscriptsyntax and feel free to ask questions here as they come up…


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If you know Java, go for C# because they are too similar not to include this other language in your CV after a couple of days familiarising yourself with the few syntax differences. Also, plugins for companies usually require GUIs for coworkers to use, I don’t know how Python is for creating interfaces, but ETO, WPF, WinForms… are documented for C#.

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