Python and RhinoCam?

Hey, I am unable to find any documentation on how to interact with the Rhino Cam through python. I’ve included a screenshot of the dialog box I normally use to make selections

I was just wondering if interacting with this menu is possible through python, and if so where that information is. Ideally looking to compare the selections, or automate those selections for the clean. Any help is much appreciated as always!

@anita - I think this is for you.

Although,if @cad7 you are running Rhino 5 as the tag suggests, not sure if any tools available might be accessible in that old version of Rhino.

I am in Rhino 5 unfortunately, but thank you for the information! Better to know now rather than later, I may have to end up upgrading to Rhino 6 before to long.

It might work, it might not - I really don’t know. Only Mecsoft can answer. I have to admit I haven’t really looked into what functions in RhinoCam allow access via Python.

Are there any resources you might be able to recommend with documentation? I’m happy to experiment but at the moment I am unable to find any information on the subject. I just sent in a support request with MecSoft also requesting any documentation on the issue if it exist, hoping they would know for sure.

Support got back to me and informed me that there is an API, not sure if he was saying its only in the newest version as he suggested I upgrade, but despite me asking directly I was not sent any documentation, and I am still unable to find any documentation on the API on my own. Support did suggest I tell them what I intend to do with it and they can assist me, which I may end up doing, but I would rather know where to find the information so I that I don’t have to return with questions in the future…