Pull points to closest curve

Hi all,

sorry, I have this problem and it drives me extremely crazy for some time now – I just can’t figure it out:
I want to pull points from one curve to another, but it should only pull form the most closest one:

pull_points_to_closest_curve.gh (7.1 KB)
each curve in the upper layer should pull points only from the closest curve in the lower layer.

Could someone help me with this? Many thanks!

PullPoints.gh (12.7 KB)

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Skip the cluster, it doesn’t help.

You are using random points to locate the circles so there is no correlation between them.

wow, thanks so much! You can’t image how frustrated I was with this :star_struck: :bowing_man: :tada:

thats why I put them in a cluster,
the script should pull only based on distance not on tree setup.
sorry if this was unclear

So the cluster is a blindfold to deliberately hide how the geometry was created? :man_facepalming:

yes, since the this is part of a much bigger file and I only showed the relevent parts to this problem,
like point 3 here:

sadly this solution didn’t work since the distance culling failed in some cases. But it helped to get to this :grinning:

PullPoints.gh (15.4 KB)
( wombat it needed for the curve -curve closest point)

You can also use curveProximity to Find the pair of closest points between two curves:

PullPoints.gh (11.2 KB)


Much better! And just to clarify the issue a little more by removing the cluster:

PullPoints_2020May21a.gh (9.4 KB)

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