Puffer Fish Voxel mesh-Game of Life Tower

I try to learn Pufferfish plug-in so I started with the “PufferfishExamples2-9 > WorkFlow” at the Food4rhino Pufferfish page!
in one of files, which I attached to this post, I have some ambiguity!

  1. Why we move “alive Cells” 60 factors in the Z direction? Isn’t Suppose to be 1 factor at each step and only the final iteration at the “Loop Start” component in Anemone Plug-in be 60?
  2. in the “Loop End” Component of anemone Plug-in, what does D0 input and output do? why the output remain unconnected? and how the D1 output works? I guess I have some trouble understanding the loop used in this method.
  3. How each story’s voxel have specific arrangements and have the algorithm can find the new way to compute the live Cells in each step?
    In the end, I appreciated if someone can explain the loop to me.
    tnx, a lot.Pf_VoxelMeshGameOfLifeTower - Requires Anemone Plugin.gh (38.8 KB)