Projection of point on curve

Greetings all,

Can somebody please help me with this issue.
I am trying to place perpendicular frames on every alternate curve. But I need the points to be at the same location as the adjacent alternate curve when you see the elevation.
Which is why the points are very random in smaller curves.
The script is reading each curve individually and then dividing it.

Thank you for your time in advance.
AryaPoint on curve.3dm (12.2 MB) Project of point on curve at same (11.2 KB)

Hi you should do it the other way around. Do not truncate/trim the pattern before creation. The other way around is much simpler and is what worked for me in almost any pattern I made. If the mapping allows it, create your curve grid in 2d, project/pull and only create the surfaces in 3d. If you have a more complex mapping, then you have to create your curves in 3d, but never ever create a pattern from trimmed data. You’ll never get it right.

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