Projecting curves onto joined brep not working?


I’m working through this tutorial Grasshopper parametric design - Cambridge mosque structural timber column - YouTube and cannot get the entwined curves to project onto both joined surfaces… Any ideas?

Strangely it will only project a single curve from the entwined curve onto surface 1. Any help would be appreciated and I can upload my script if needed.

Thanks so much!

Is your Curve input to the Project Component flattened?

Hi @Japhy, yes the curve input into the project component is flattened

Beyond that we’ll need to see your script, make sure to internalize any referenced Rhino Geometry and mention any plugins used. Thanks.

After some trial and error I finally worked it out… the script itself was correct but it had to do with the ‘absolute tolerance’ within Rhino preferences set too fine at 0.01 millimetres. I bumped it up to 1 millimetre and reran the script in Grasshopper and the brep join component successfully joined both surfaces together