Project pattern on curved surface not working


I am trying to create these rounded lines as a pattern of the facade surface of the tower. However when I input a value for the W domain, it does not seem to work. Can anybody help and explain what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!.

Tower.3dm (44.1 KB) (53.1 KB)

If the pattern geometry is supposed to be horizontal, then simply use contour on your object, and a sweep on the resulting curves with your desired section profile

I’ve tried using the contour component, which provided the horizontal rings around the shape, however I am having trouble with the sweep component. It only sweeps on the first curve from the contour component, and I can’t get it to work on the rest of the curves.

image (57.6 KB)

fortunately the solution is quite simple, but it take a long time to calculate (133 sweeps)

the logic is this, you need to first copy the profile curve to each curve. you also want to rotate the section so that it matches the curve direction

then pass the two lists into the sweep1 → but that fails sometimes for some reason

so the final solution is to use sweep2 → for that we copy the first rail vertically the distance of the contour.

anyway, here’s the gh with the solution
Tower[fixed].gh (59.8 KB)

Ahhh I see, each curve should have their own section in order to sweep. Thanks for the help!

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