Problems with tweening surfaces diagonally

Hello Dear Forum
as you can see rhino tweens the surface wrong because of the diagonal placement of the sphere
is there a trick?


what command line settings are you using?

hey iam using tween surfaces

Hello - I am not getting deformed spheres so far here - can you post the inputs?


Hi @d.pfifferling - The issue doesn’t seem related to the diagonal. It has to do with the UV direction of the starting sphere being different to the UV dir of the end sphere. See below:
TweenSurfaces Deformed

Does that help?

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ah ok I see

do you know if there is a trick to kinda reset it to normal ?
i see you posted a video but its super tiny

thanks a lot

regards david

@Vanessa - here too, your video clip shows up < postage stamp size… weird, do you see it as normal at your end?


@pascal - I see it too. Weird! It looks fine on my computer. Let me try posting it again…

TweenSurfaces Deformed

Yikes! Same thing! I’ve never seen that before. Here are a couple of pics, in case this helps:

I converted to MP4. Something is up with posting GIFs.

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thanks a lot Vanessa :blush: