Problems with Rhino 7 and Big Sur

I have been experiencing 100% crashes when opening my files with the latest updated version of Rhino 7 - as well as Big Sur on my apple computer. I try to open a previous project (created and worked on before the updates) but this cut off grey screen appears (see image) - it occurs when I try to open my 3dm or dwg files - with no viewports or viewing options available. Rhino allows me to create a new file, but doesn’t open or crashes every existing file on my computer. I have tried creating a new file, but a few minutes into working on it it crashes again.

How can I fix this? I am even considering going back to a previous version of software but have not decided yet as I am hoping that this can be resolved with the latest software available both for Rhino and for Mac? if not will try returning to Catalina as a first step.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem with Rhino 7 and Big Sur?

It has been experienced before.

I forget what the YT item is for this, but @dan has been tracking this behavior.

@wim, do you recall if there was a workaround for this?

This behavior ought to be fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate for 7.4 which, I believe, is slated to be released sometime later today, if all goes well. Feel free to switch to the Release Candidate and give it a try to confirm though! If not, if you just wait until tomorrow, the update should fix it. Please let us know if it does not.

Thank you @nathanletwory and @dan
Will let you know if it works out once the update becomes available.