Problems with If and conditions

I have a problem setting up a script of the following:

If X<75 y=1.0

If X>75 and Z<500 y=-5,4u10^-5+1.03=<1.0




I would like to set up the script so that it immediately calculates the correct Y once all variable parameters are filled in I want a correct Y as a result but there are several conditions. I have not succeeded so far, is there anyone who can help me with this? (3.1 KB)

You have uncovered cases… what if Z>500 ? That case return 0 , see the last number in the expression.

Also, i’m not sure what your " y=-5,4 u 10^-5+1.03=<1.0 " mean…

Can you explain this part? For example is it two separate statements:

  • y = -5
  • 4u10^-5 + 1.03 <= 1.0

What is the relevance of U in calculating Y ?


I make a script about lateral buckling and this is the calculation of the reduction factor from the Eurocode

if h / tw ≤ 75 than:
kred = 1

If h / tw > 75 and α ≤ 5 000 than:
kred = (-5.410^-5a) +1.03 <1.0

I have already calculated A, It’s a variabele parameter


the intention is that the script is set up in such a way that all conditions are included and that I get the correct Kred at once (3.3 KB)

You still have undefined case when h/tw>75 and α>5000 . In that case this expression return -1000 , change it with what is better.

Try this as well (10.8 KB)