Problems with converting to older energyplus (from 23.2 to 9.0.0)

I am using honeybee lagacy 0.66 but the version of energyplus installed in my computer is the latest. There is an error when running my programme due to the incompactability and hence I would like to chance the environment back to an older version. I already uninstalled the latest version of energyplus but the programme still tries to find the latest version of exe. What can I do to change it back. Thanksl

*I have also posted on Ladybug forum, I wish to post it here as well to test my luck.

this is the error code. I have tried running on a comuper that only installed energyplus 9.0 version and it works well.

You will have to use either the newest version of honeybee or instal an older version of energyplus.

Thanks @Erik_Beeren. Sorry for not explaining it clearly. I first installed the latest version of Energyplus, then when I realized that legacy only works with the older version of Energyplus, I already uninstalled the latest version and installed the corresponding version. However, no matter I re-installed Honeybee, change the path in my Windows environment, my algorithm keeps calling the latest version of it, even I have uninstalled it in the computer.

That’s why I can run it on another computer since they didn’t install the latest version in the beginning. Perhaps the more precise question is how to configure my algorithm so that it can call the older version instead.

Hi @Ivanita

You can better look first on the ladybug forum or put your question there.
I think there are already some topics on this subject.