Problem with spouts

The attached file has internalized geometry to simplify the script. It creates this geometry:

The problem is that some of the spouts do not point up. In order to 3D print this object they all need to point up. Most of them do, but some don’t, and that is the problem.

I put comments in the GH file to explain how it works, and except for this problem it does work OK. The problem happens with the Rotate function at the bottom. I’ve been unable to find any other way to reposition the spouts on the surface, but maybe (hopefully?) there is one. (421.9 KB)


I’m too lazy to implement the morphing so Brep Join will not create a single brep from the bowl and spouts, but you and I have plenty of experience with that so you can fix that part, eh? (419.1 KB)


Good Grief Joseph, how do you figure things like this out? That’s a spectacular solution that just blows me away. Many thanks for your time and trouble - now my script will become far simpler.

Well it took a while, but the final results look great:

Spouts 34 sec video

My thanks to Joseph Oster for showing me how to get the spouts oriented properly. I ended up using arcs for the fillets connecting the spouts to the main body, and for this scale I think they worked reasonably well.