Problem with Normals display in grasshopper not matching bakes normals

I have a problem with Normals display…the normals is Grasshopper do not match the baked surface normals…
Also when I insert a ‘Flip surface’ nothing happens in grasshopper, but the bakes surfaces will be flipped…

Can you post the files please? Thanks.

normals…not (34.1 KB)

here you are…

The original surfaces normal corresponds with Grasshopper. You are changing the normal in your definition.

@anders you are using your surfaces as a vector inputs. This may give you the normals of some planar surfaces, but it is not reliable:

If you want surface normals, you will need to use an Evaluate Surface component:


Thank you. This is great!
I’ve been struggling a bit with unpredictability also with loft, so I’ll try get out of yet another bad habit.