Problem with lofting

Hello, first time posting a question - I hope I include enough information :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to loft the joined inner and outer curves after shelling a brep with ‘ShellPsrf’. In this way I hope to get the miter surfaces then cap each piece, leaving the bottom open and flat. See below:

It works but one section is twisting. I’m trying to create a robust bit of code that will give me those miters regardless what shape I set into the starting Brep param.

Below is what I am aiming for after baking:

Please help and thank you :slight_smile:

Miter (14.9 KB)

Hello,I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get the package manager to connect now, so I wrote it in C#.

How about this? (12.4 KB)

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Miter (14.5 KB)


Thanks to you both so far :slight_smile:

Mahdiyar, that worked well for the 5 sided pyramid, but when I tried it on a more irregular shape eg the one shown below…

… I get fragmented results:

I’ve attached your attempt below with this new shape. I know that anything is possible with Grasshopper, but am I asking too much for one bit of code to miter all shapes without unique tweaks each time?

Miter tool (post-Mahdiyar’s input).gh (15.8 KB)

Try this:
Miter (18.8 KB)


That’s the one Adam, amazing to finally have the answer :slight_smile: now I just need to try understand what you’ve done… haha

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