Problem with join or boolean with rhino object

Head_Frame_V33.3dm (17.8 MB)
In the rhino object attached, I created two surfaces (green surface) one by " extrudesrf" on the existing command and the other using some tricks. I like to combine these newly created surface with the original object with some commands using join or boolean union. Boolean union works with one of the surfaces but erros pops us as I turned on the checknewobject command. Could you help me in figuring out the problem?


Did you manage to fix all the problems with the model discussed in your previous thread before moving on to this boolean?

Love the helmet by the way.



With the grooves I added according to Pascals’ suggestion, there are tons of bad surface created. I am still looking for an alternative way to create groove.

At the moment, I managed to boolean the flat surface on the helmet but still having problem to boolean the circular plate (which was created with extrudesrf command from the existing surface of helmet) on the helmet.

Rhino doesn’t like Boolean operations on coincident surfaces. in creating the new circular plate, if you extruded a copy of a surface from the original helmet to create the new solid that may be the source of your problem. Either also extrude that surface into the original helmet’s internal volume as well as extruding outwards (ie create a slightly taller plate whose volume overlaps the original helmet’s volume) and then do the boolean or work with surfaces instead of solids by exploding the objects and joining the external surfaces while deleting the redundant internal ones.