Problem with For Loop

Hello all!

Do you have any idea why I have this error of ‘index out of range’. Could you please help me how to solve it. When I try len(x)-1 it works but I loose the last element of the list.

Thanks a lot in advance!

you’re accessing x[i+1]. If your range is from 0,len(x), and x has 5 items, it will try to get the 6th item, which doesn’t exist.

Ohh I see. You are right .Thanks a lot. Any idea how I can solve this ?

That depends on what you’re wanting to do. You’re asking Python to access an item that doesn’t exist, so you’d solve this by not asking for that non-existent item. If you share your file and let us know what you’re trying to do I’m sure someone will help.

one solution might be to evaluate the current element x[i] in relation to the previous element x[i-1] (instead of the next element x[i+1] ) because x[i-1] is always reacheable

for i in range(1, len(x)):
   #compare each element in x with previous one 
   #start from the second element of x
   if x[i] - x[i-1] == 1:
      z = x[i]
      z = x[i-1]
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