Problem with developer tool

Hello, I have a problem with the developer tool, the following message appears “Failed getting NETFramework reference assemblies”.

I haven’t published a Python project, but a question that might help McNeel or others troubleshoot:

Does the code access the assemblies correctly when running it and your only problem is with publishing?

If you run Rhino 8 without any command line switched, it doesn’t load with .Net Framework support. If you pass the /netfx switch it will include those, and if your plugin is compiled for .Net 4.8 you will need this switch.

Otherwise you need your plugin to use only the .Net Core assemblies.

I’m having trouble just posting

I’m new to this part, do you have any tutorials?

Tutorials? Your reply was to the post about using the command line to try using a different version of .NET.

Here’s McNeel’s doc page for that:

Rhino - .NET Core vs .NET Framework (