Problem with a logo design

good morning,
I have made a logo(herewith) through rhino. The file had a dxf extension. Later i was said that in order to laser it the person in charge of the work had to cut and take off every curve and overlapping line.
I do not understand which curbs and overlapping lines there are in my design.
Thanks to everyone who can explain to me,
sgf - livello 5 -3dm.3dm (289.1 KB)

can you post the dxf file you handed in? that might explain a bit more rather than the 3dm file. also your curve is not overlapping at all. you can explode the curve though but that should not be a problem at all. you can use RebuildCrvNonUniform with 555 points with 0.001 tolerance, that creates a continuous curve. but again i dont see any issue with it. something might have happened exporting as dxf since it might not understand curves with a higher degree as you used here.

Thank you, I’ll send It tonight since I’m travelling, Mirco

I was able to get the file, here I am.

sgf - …(.) .dxf (1010 KB)

As @encephalon wrote, you can try to rebuild the curve using _RebuildCrvNonUniform or just try to fair the curve using _FitCrv
Attached to this message is the screenshot of the result of _FitCrv with a 0.01 tolerance and degree 3.
You end up with 282 points instead of 1340. Adjust as necessary

well, yes you have messed up something there, you have several duplicate curves over each other, partially and complete duplicates.

you have to clean that up naturally. you can use SelDup and delete but that only partially cleans it up. that is also not something which would happen during export, you might have done something additionally, so yes the blame and shame is on you haha :smile:

Thank you very much for your replay, I go through your instructions and see It again from the beginning