Problem running and debugging compute locally

I have a grasshopper file written almost exclusively in ghPython that I would like to eventually add to a personal website. I’m rather new to any coding as it relates to the web so forgive me if the following question is simple or the answer is readily available somewhere. From what I’ve been able to piece together deploying Rhino.Compute on an AWS EC2 instance is my best bet.

I’ve tried to follow this guide but I can’t get compute running. When I try to to compile src\compute.sln as Debug, the only debugging options I see are launching different versions of Hops. If I attempt to run that, I get a pop up message from VS Code that reads: launch: program " does not exist. In the Debug console I get the following:

You may only use the Microsoft .NET Core Debugger (vsdbg) with
Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac software
to help you develop and test your applications.

I may be missing something very basic in VS Code or perhaps I have the wrong build? I followed the guide as closely as I could but am wondering if it’s out of date. Any help on this or suggestions of a different avenue to try would be much appreciated!

Hi Jacob. If you’re trying to run rhino.compute on a virtual machine (ie. AWS EC2), then I would recommend following this guide. Once you’ve got your VM up and running, you should be able to simply run two Powershell scripts to get everything setup for you. Please let us know if there is anything in the tutorial that isn’t clear or doesn’t work for you. Cheers.

Thanks Andy! I had seen that guide as well but I had wanted to be able to design/troubleshoot before paying the core hour bill. In the end, I was able to get compute.geometry and rhino.compute running on my local machine but I had to depart from what the guide suggested:

  1. I was never able to compile compute.sln as Debug and still don’t really know what that means. This could be the result of my own inexperience with VS Code but it seemed like the presence of thetask.json and launch.json files which have configurations for launching different versions of Hops overrode anything to do with compute.sln.
  2. I had to install an older .NET target framework
  3. I finally got compute.geometry to run by calling dotnet run from within that directory
  4. To get the appserver to connect to the correct rhino compute url, using npm start was not enough. I have to use node ./src/bin/www --computeUrl http://localhost:8081/

All of this may be self-evident to a more experienced coder but took me awhile to figure out on my own so I wanted to put it out there.

I’m still designing/troubleshooting my site but once I’m ready to deploy, I’m sure the guide you linked to will be very helpful so thanks again!

Actually, although the above does fix the issue, I have to (embarrassingly) report that the real problem was that I was trying to follow the guide but using VS Code, not the Visual Studio itself and that’s what led to the problems/confusion.