Problem rhino 6 - Make 2d takes up to more than an hour

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing ok.
Here’s my problem.
I’m an industrial design student, and I’m learning how to use Rhino 6.
We are making a model of a train, really simple parts four vagons. But at the moment I start making plans i use command make 2d, and my computer stars ventilating really loudly, and the entire process of making 2d takes a little bit longer than an hour, my other classmates didn’t have that problem.
I don’t think is my computer, since is a HP workstation studio g3
And I bought it specifically for this uses, since I dug up, that is really good for my purposes.
It’s an
i7-7th generation
12 gb of ram
A Nvidia Quadro m1000 4gb
512gb of ssd

If anyone of you had an answer that might help, I would really appreciated.
Thank you for your time
Be save.


Maybe this can help you:
Also putting a bigger tolerance for your document should speed things up.


Hi thanks for the answer,
How do I put a bigger tolerance for the document?

You’ll find it in the Rhino Options:

For example, if you currently have an absolute tolerance of 0.001, try 0.01 or 0.1 instead

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I did what you said, the first part, when it does the layers was much faster but then the program shut down on its own.


Boah… if the program crash I don’t have so much solutions ¯\(ツ)/¯. Are you sure you don’t have bad geometries in your model (run ‘_SelBadObjects’ command)?
Otherwise I guess someone from McNeel should have a look to that issue…

@la.karynah.16 Did you send the crash reports?

Hello - if you have a file that shows the problem, please post it here or send to, to my attention, with a link back here in your comments; I’ll take a look.