Printing in grasshopper components

Is there a way to improve the printing in a GH python script component? If I print a large amount it just freezes everything with no way to cancel. If I try to write to a panel component it just breaks it and turns into some slaughter house with blood dripping on it.

What is the reason to print so many values? Printing raises and event so it is normal to slow down.
You can also just write .txt file from the array of strings.

Other way to print in rhino command line:

FWIW this is a known issue with the new Rhino 6 GHPython component:

Thanks, I was hoping I was doing something wrong or there was some setting. I remember when I first used grasshopper I was getting tons of things printing because I didnt set the input to ‘list’ and was wondering if there was another setting like that in which I missed.

Will this be fixed in Rhino 7?

I’m afraid I lost track of this specific issue, but I do see the overall topic being logged here: