It seems to me that the “PrintDisplay” function worked better in the last versions of Rhino 7 than in the new Rhino 8.1 when drawing in 2D…
Specifically, I’m concerned with the line thickness display.
When zoomed in, different line thicknesses can be distinguished, but when zoomed out, the line thicknesses merge. In version 7 it was possible to distinguish different thicknesses even after zooming out.
Was that the intention of the developers? Or is it just me?
Thank you for your feedback.

Hello- if you have a (simple) file that displays differently in each version, that would be helpful


PrintDisplay.3dm (1.4 MB)

open both version 7 and version 8 in Rhino
set the command: _PrintDisplay
set the scale value to: 40
try zooming in on the detail and zooming out to see the whole drawing and compare Rhino versions 7 and 8.
After zooming out or zooming in a lot you can still work with the overview in version 7, in version 8 you can’t.
If you reduce the scale value to e.g. 5 you can work when zooming in a lot, but when zooming out you cannot distinguish the different line types.

Here you can see the difference in display with the same _PrintDisplay setting, value 40 - in Rhino 7 and Rhino 8.

In the Rhino 7 version, the value of 40 became clearer to me. But it’s possible that in the new version it can be set differently, I just haven’t figured out how.
If you could advise me on how to set it so that it’s about the same in Rhino 8 as I had it in Rhino 7, I’d be very happy. I miss it a lot at work.