Print command bug

When I using the print command in the latest WIP version.
it shows below.

No respond.
have anyone suffer the same problem?


Seems to be working here. Are you on Windows 10 and have you updated to Windows Creators? If so, I wonder if this is also related to this bug:


Hi zhoushimiao,

I’m not able to reproduce it. Does this always happen, even with a simple scene with only a sphere?


I think my win10 is the latest updated.

actually I’m using a scene with only 3 lines. it shows that.

Hi zhoushimiao - we had this bug here a few weeks ago but it was fixed - I did not know that the bug was ever in a public build but it may have been - do you have the most recent update to the WIP?


Hello . Tried to print with wallpaper and got some funny results.
jpeg came out fine but pdf and the printer did notmialia render - עותק.pdf (198.4 KB)