Preview Colours not Updating

before you could change the display colour or material which updated in the viewport right away, now you have to hit apply first for it to change.

is that a bug or intentionally? either way that makes it even less convenient, having to hit apply and relaunch the picker is very tedious.

and also why having to hit apply all the time can we do away with this apply? if somebody does not want to change a colour then dont meddle or hit undo… no apply needed.

It looks applying display colors has never worked directly in Rhino for Windows,
here on both Win and Mac however, changing rendering colors is working before hitting apply.

RH-77460 Color picker preview color in viewport

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Hi @encephalon,

Where are you changing the display color? The Properties panel? The Layers panel? Both?

– Dale

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hi @dale yes both, but usually in the layers panel, the properties panel i usually use for setting a custom colour, i just tested both and both don’t have the immediate feed back i was used to from V7. i think windows users would love that improvement if they did not have that before.

do you think it would be possible to avoid having to press apply in general or is that too much of a pandora box to open right now?

Second this! Changes in the ‘Select Color’ dialog should show an effect immediately.
If this leads to a performance problem like the sliders get laggy, there could be a short time delay before the colors update in the UI/viewport, but they definitely should update automatically.