Prevent Crash Dump File Generation

Is there a way to prevent Rhino from generating Crash Dump files on the desktop? One of our customers would like to avoid seeing those files (I know this is a rare occurance, but apparently it is a big deal to them) appear on their desktop.

Our use of Rhino is mostly obscured from our customers, so it is important to shape their experience a bit differently.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jason Stevenson
Gemvision - CounterSketch Developer

Hi Jason,

Sorry no, it is not possible to turn on Rhino’s crash reporting.

Are you submitting your crash dumps? Are you able to repeat any of these crashes?

– Dale

Our customers are not Cad users and barely are aware that Rhino is there
under the cover of CounterSketch.

The use case I am trying to solve is for a retail chain employee getting
confused when “new” things show up on the desktop.

It isn’t a repeatable issue and rarely happens but sometimes a design in CS
is constructed poorly or a crash happens when closing CS / Rhino.

Is there a way to put the crash dumps somewhere else via a config file
change or other means?

Nope, sorry this is currently hard-coded into Rhino. You may want to set up a file watcher or even have a separate application that watches for the creation of dump files and makes them disappear.

OK. Thanks.