Polygonal closed curves - Sweep 2 failure

If so … the rest of the gift is useless, he he.

Some other time then.

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I 'd rather not have my computer crushing this we, I’ll place some figure in PS.
Some other time …

You’ve been a great help !

Hello again,

The polygon has turned to a circular auditorium.
I have placed 5 corridors for circulation.
I want to add steps, so I try to change the profile.

I haven’t gone too far, I guess I have to set a condition ( if row height > 18cm → add step )

Any idea how I can set that ?


AUDITORIUM-01.gh (247.6 KB)

Appears that another type of gift is rather required: it’s time to depart from any restriction and do some pro stuff (arena, stadium, auditorium, theater you name it).

More this w/e.

I have managed to place the steps on the first row.
However when try to place them in every row there seems to be a problem.

Any thoughts on that are wellcome !


This is a mess of a certain size, he he. But the bad news are that native components is not my game (at all)… so get the attached (ready from the never delivered gift time, some weeks ago] and try to emulate what it does with components.

Arena_sectors_V1C.gh (141.7 KB)

Spot that aisle steps start from a min rise and up: modify the all overal “slope” and see what’s happening: in fact in real-life we use limits on the step deployment (in relation with the max sight distance and safety emergency evacuation regulations as well) … but that’s rather complex to explain here.

thanks for getting back to me
I’ll try to figure out how the code works, but it seems there is something going on … any ideas ?

That’s very odd (but I’ll investigate further anyway): See what I get :

The step profile is there, but is not extruded as it should !

Well … that’s why I hate computers like my sins (lot’s). Get this (nothing actually changed except some info added). If it still doesn’t work > change trade > become a serial killer, a poet, a politician … whatever suitable.

Arena_sectors_V1D.gh (147.1 KB)

Well … bad new is … it still doesn’t work !
Guess time has come for a change

Good news is … HS_Kim untangled the messed data tree.

Seems I will keep going on !

Don’t bother > it’s a matter of Karma, what else? > abandon ship > become a soldier of fortune, a flee trainer, a computer activist, an Elon supporter …

Puzzled with regard the bananas results that you get I’ve asked my top C# dog in the practice: Guru of gurus said: maybe he is using some archaic Rhino build? (like 4 for instance).


Ha ha !
Top C# dog may be right… I use Rhino 5 educational , this might be bugging it !