PointCloud command does not preserve colors?


I needed to edit a Point Cloud in Rhino, so I exploded it, deleted some points, and then used the PointCloud command to make it back into a point cloud object. Why is it that the points lost their colors? How can I retain the colors?

Thank you.

Hi Evan - yeah, exploding will indeed nuke the colors. It is a bit tedious to use but you can use the PointCloud command > Remove.


Another way, if you are into writing scripts, is to first store the colors in a dictionary using their associated Point3d as a key. Then after re creating it, put the colors back. Use a .NET dictionary in Python for better speed than an ordinary Python dictionary. If you need more speed restoring the colors you can use Tasks.ParallelForEach for 4X to 10X speed up depending on the number of cores you have.

Hi Pascal,

It seems to me like exploding does not nuke the colors. Only when I go from a collection of points back down into the point cloud does it nuke the colors. At what point do I use the Remove command?

This old script can be used to recreate a colored pointcloud from colored points…

createcolorpointcloud.py (691 Bytes)