Point3dGrid: How?

How to use Rhino.Geometry.Point3dGrid ?
In Rhino the result of Point3dGrid is 2d or 3d grid of PointCloud but in Grasshopper no options and no result

Grasshopper does not support pointclouds, only individual points.

Thanks @DavidRutten but i don’t understand, do you mean with Point3dGrid ?
Rhino.Geometry.PointCloud work fine, or this is different?

Sorry I’m confused. I do not understand the problem. Is this about Python? Or Populate3D? Or the _PointGrid command?

Hi @DavidRutten
Yes it is about _PointGrid command and Rhino.Geometry.Point3dGrid
In Rhino the command create pointcloud grid but in Grasshopper no options and no result, aren’t the same or in Grasshopper need a trick to work?

That command creates a pointcloud. Which is a single object. Rhino.Geometry.Point3dGrid is apparently a special case of point cloud. Neither Rhino.Geometry.PointCloud nor Rhino.Geometry.PointGrid are supported data types in Grasshopper. You’ll need to explode it somehow to end up with a array or List of just Rhino.Geometry.Point3d values.

Looking at the Point3dGrid class, I doubt it was ever meant to be used as part of some algorithm. I’m not really sure why it exists.

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Thank you David for explanation
I used pointcloud and i see other users used it in some examples.
But if Point3dgrid create a single point why it have rows, columns counts?
Maybe it is still a concept