Point cloud trimming

I have been using LIDAR scanning tools for mapping machinery. One of the big problems with these tools is noise. Can v6 provide point-cloud trimming options similar to those provided for surfaces? E.g. if I draw a line/surface/closed-polysurface through a point cloud, I could then use that line/surface/closed-polysurface to trim and delete all points on one side of the line/surface/closed-polysurface.

Hi @Sam3,

you might try the script posted here to clip pointcloud points inside or outside closed boundaries.


There is an open feature request (RH-28569) for trim and split to work on point clouds but there’s also a similar workflow currently possible that seems to be working very well in the v6 WIP. Give this a try and let me know what you think…

Open your point cloud
Use the PointCloud command on it and select Remove from the command line options
You can set the removed points to become a point cloud or individual points
During the selection step for the points to remove you can use SelBoundary or SelBrush if dragging a fence selection isn’t ideal.

I am seeing a selection display bug (filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-39178) where the entire cloud is highlighted instead of just the selected points to remove. Other than that, the correct selection and removal is working here after Enter.

Thanks for the quick replies! My v6 WIP is a little out of date, so I will try both options after downloading the most recent version.