Plugin Error: Rhino not up-to-date


Got this error. But Rhino is up-to-date…

I’ve put it on “service release candidate” now but it is weird that a plugin can have a newer version than the current rhino version…

Click “check now” to make sure. For me that has alway been the most reliable way to check and often reports a new version when the dialog first says it is up to date… I suspect firewall settings in my case

I’ve clicked on Check Now… And then the website says. There are no updates available or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve changed it to Service Release Candidate and updated it too SR10. But does that mean I cant create a plugin anymore for SR9? People MUST update to SR10?

Yes, the version you depend upon during building of the plugin is the minimal version people should use to run the plugin.
This is needed because you might have used new functionality that the users do not have in their older version.

Is it possible to go back to SR9 until SR10 is “released”?

What I do in that case is to get the older version of RhinoCommon.dll from the SR9 MSI installer using a nifty tool called “lessmsierables”. Then link to that version of the DLL.