Plug-in Locality and set-up


So this is my first time trying to download the plugins ANEMONE and DENDROW (actually, my first time installing plugins in general!). Once downloading, I have restarted Rhino7, but the plugins are not showing up on my grasshopper environment. Currently, the plugin packages are in my downloads folder and I am not sure how to locate any special dependencies folder … please let me know if you can help clarify the plugin setup so I can get into action ! :wink:


Hi Taylor -

From the Anemone page:

I would make sure to unblock the downloaded zip file before anything else, though…

From your other post, it looks like you should perhaps look into the very basics of Rhino before starting very complicated things with lots of plug-ins?
One tends to learn how to walk before signing up for a marathon…

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Hello @wim!
Thank you very much for this help! I am all sorted now :wink:

And also, thanks for the sage advice hehe - I agree I might have dived in a little deep to begin with. When it comes to learning Rhino, what are the ‘basics’ in your opinion? I think the issue is that I don’t have the awareness yet to really discern what is foundational and what is maybe something to work toward once I’ve covered the ‘basics’.
Let me know what you think!

Thanks again ,