Pls help out!. Connecting one point to many as arcs

Hi there, I am stuck with a silly situation. I basically want to connect multiple points to one single point using grasshopper. As simple as the image below that I have done and is fine. But now I want to connect them not as straightlines but rather stretched arcs in isometric view. Which means they need to be extruded in length from the front view. Attaching reference as well if I am not able to comprehend it clearly. Kindly help me out if there is a simple way to do this. Thanks!!

Reference that I would like to achieve

not sure I have understood correctly… you want them to look like lines from top view, but to be arcs? (16.3 KB)

yup thats right, what I have been looking to do. Can you kindly explain how you did that please?

once you have your lines that connect your points to your common destination:

find the middle-point of each line:

and move it up/down along Z axis:

then make an arc by those 3 points: each start, each of those moved point, common final destination

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Thank you so much. Very clear explanation!

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