Pleeeeeeease provide some way to export sub-surface material!

Exporting sub-surface material ID is an extremely useful functionality?
It seams really easy to do providing you know how to do it, witch I presume you do.
I guess this is costing lots of people a lot more hours in workarounds than it would take to just do it!
Could someone explain what’s keeping this from happen??


PS: Link to a topic about this issue

Hello - per face object color will not be in V6, but per face material is available.


Hi Pascal.

Yes, it’s a shame that object color is not supported.
It would be really nice see surface colors in “ghosted” display mode instead of using “rendered” mode.
Nevertheless not beeing able to export this information is a complete “die on the beach” situation.
Exploding or meshing removes surface material information.

Is there any way to export this information?

I really don’t understand why rhino lacks so many useful and seamingly trivial to implement functionality?
Could you exapling why is this so hard?