Please recommend a tool for Pre-SubD process

I like designing and modeling organic shaped like zaha Hadid. So I started using SubD a lot recently.
However, after I studied it, I thought that SubD can make it more detailed and deliberate if there is some form of visual and rough. Before that, I thought SubD had some limitations in creating a rough form. So before this stage, I thought I need a tool that could make the shape easier and more rough like rubbing the clay. What tools do you think are best suited to take on this process? Maya, 3dmax, cinema4d, blender, etc… As far as I know, I heard that blender can create a shape like 3D drawing with brush like this, is that right? Although it’s not a direct question about rhino, I don’t know where to ask these questions, I think it’s a question about workflow that can help rhino a little bit more, so If anyone has tried related workflow, I’d like to get some feedback

they’re not going to make all those great forms with SubD from the beginning at ZHA? I’m really curious how they develop the form in the idea concept stage… I looked it up, but I couldn’t find it…

you can definitely rough in SubD, but if you want a brush based modeler, zbrush or 3d coat would be my recommendation. Blender has some brush based tools as well, but I am less familiar with them

Oh! Thank you for letting me know. Maybe because I majored in architecture, I’ve never heard of such tools before. I I just looked it up and it seems to be a tool to create game graphics or animation models. I’ll look for both, but which one is easier for beginners to handle? without the need for advanced technology. And if these tools are easier to handle, why blender more used in architecture? I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.

the answer for “why blender” is always “blender is free”

the reality is Blender is actually quite good and the fact that it’s free makes it a logical choice if you just want to try it.

both zbrush and 3d coat have very significant learning curves, but are the best products out there for brush based modeling.

Hi @JO13

I think all three have a steep learning curve. Blender is not intuitive since many things are hidden in hotkeys that you must remember or know of. And they only recently implemented in V4 a decent move tool can you believe it. The problem with 3dcoat is that models can be pretty heavy polygon count wise. It seems you might have it backwards you add your details and clay in 3dcoat not sculpt your pre-sub d shape there. Though you could retopo your mesh and get something you can sud-d from in Rhino.

To my knowledge Zaha Hadid used rhino nurbs in the beginning and Grasshopper. I think you want to look into the Rhino-grasshopper posts about creating some of her projects. It’s only I think after she used nurbs that her firm started using sub d. Also you can use Sub-d from Grasshopper and it can be really flexible combined with nurbs. Seems her shapes are procedural and not modeled. You can do procedural shape modeling in blender using geometry nodes but there’s a steep learning curve depending on what you want to do. I think Grasshopper is the best especially with kangaroo.

I would download a free trial of 3dcoat the indie version is quite inexpensive too if you want to try digital sculpting. It’s actually really intuitive and easy to use the harder part is exporting something you can downstream. Best to use a pen tablet in 3dcoat like wacom etc.

Blender is great I recommend learning it regardless of what you do though you gotta put the hours in for it to become clear and train the memory since many controls are buried.

Definitely look into the basic Grasshopper free courses it should get you going on procedural shapes.

I don’t understand what’s procedural shape means, but I think you’re talking about geometric shapes with figures. I’m also using a grasshopper right now, But it’s hard to make a random and rough form

So from what you explained, I think 3dcoat is right for my purpose! I should try 3dcoats that are more intuitive and easier to handle than blenders that are more capable but require time investment! Thank you very much for your good opinion.

Oh, I see…I need to test both…Thank you​:grin::pleading_face: