Please help me improve make2d-axonometrics - tips and suggestions!

Hi! I often use make a model in Rhino and Make2, sometimes exploded axo etc. It works fine for showing ideas, it looks clear and understandable, not so bad. But now this time I want to take it a step further, sometimes it is in the details. I am stuck!
Just to mention some of the things that might help somebody. I export the lines in several colors (like green, blue) for it to easy select with “choose same stroke color” and then I change them into something more neutral (black, grey, different lineweight black etc). Then live paint is alright. I just learned today that you can live paint something, then expand it and after you do that, you can then finally scale and add transparency to live paint (as long as it is live paint you cannot choose transparency for an individual color). Anyways, so today I first coored the floor all green, expanded the live paint and then put a pattern and scaled it. .Same with the walls, the result is not super nice really, I am trying to look for textures that would look nicer.

Anyways, in case there was a section it would be quite easy to add shadows etc from windows but in an axo, that is a bit more difficult.

Do you have any nice images ideas (reference or yours) on how to improve these a lot or just a little? Just add a background and stuff perhaps would work.
Looking for a lot of suggestions from friendly souls!
Of course I could do Vray and try to make realistic but I find either you have to put 20h+ for a single image and make it hyper realistic, otherwise it wont look that nice.

I am uploading an image now.