Plasticity: new software

Yes, SpaceMouse support was introduced in version 2 (and in the betas before)

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I’m looking into updating it to 1.4+, but it’s a huge pain so far…

I guess ‘artists’ like using git.hub to update software :joy:

woohoo! i got it I think lol:

3D mousey not working,… guess I’ll reboot or something gahhh… CAD’s sometimes I swear… :joy:

I don’t see where there’d be any setting that’s off:


Ok I’m going back to playing with the V9 wip. I’m done with plastic city again :sweat_smile:

Ok so I finally got the spacemouse to work in plastic city. I had to install version 24.1+ :joy:

But now I’m witnessing the vertical tilt is locked :rofl: :sob:

Going to play with v9 wip instead :slightly_smiling_face: bbl

I spent some time yesterday working with Plasticity and it is nice. It is targeted to Blender users as many of the key commands are the same. If you are someone who needs to get mesh data into Blender then Plasticity seems like a good buy. It outputs cleaner meshes than Rhino. I may buy a version for that purpose. But the way Rhino integrates into all the other software that I use, it won’t be replacing Rhino for me. The bigger question is the Studio version worth twice the price to import/export Rhino files and use Xnurbs. Or is it fine as a hard modeling tool for Blender? I’m still on the fence.

We don’t see Plasticity as a replacement for Rhino, or Blender in any way.

But we do see Plasticity as a replacement of the filter tool in Rhino. Plasticity is now our filler tool. Also used for some direct modeling but it all falls apart quickly if you have anything more complex than prismatic shapes.

I’d love to see a live-link between Plasticity<>Rhino just for this. Hopefully after @nathanletwory ships the Blender live-link he can focus on the Plasticity one? :crazy_face:



no pressure.


Take your time Nathan, don’t let anyone, not even myself, distract you from strategic priority # 1: Rhino-Inside Blender.


Is that a sub D rhino Gustavo?

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Hahaha! For V0.x of Rhino-Inside I think a SubD Rhino that preserves edge weights and UV information between Rhino <> Blender will do.

After V1.0 we should start seeing a live-link between SubD objects in Rhino <> Blender, while also inside Rhino itself having a live-link between SubD objects and their ToNurbs conversions, with Boolean history of course.

Nathan, please let me know if you’ll need more development support for this. I’ll talk to them.


There might be a Blender bridge? That would be fantastic! Speckle is not good enough. The data has to be relayed by their server.
@nathanletwory, please consider this, many Rhino users have already embraced Blender.

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