Plankton samples or data extraction

Hi, everyone.

Since Plankton transform the normal mesh into the half edge strucuture, I’m instersting to extract the half edge from the mesh singularity with loops and certain directions. Thus to divide the mesh into patches.

The deconstructPlankton component only gives the topological relation (index) of the Halfedge with the vertex for example. Would it be possible to present the half edge from this plankton data structure?

by the way, since plankton can also be transformed into Ngon, or some more magnificant implementations. Can someone provides the examples. Thanks.

Hi @user2748

Are you talking about something like this?
(Tracing the separatrix edges out from the singularities)

I don’t think I shared that script yet, but I’ll find and post it here.

Hi, @DanielPiker. That‘s exactly I meant as one example. Thanks.

I had another look at that definition I made before, and saw I’d actually done that one all using Rhino’s native mesh structure. Here it is, finding singularities, separatrices and splitting into patches: (79.8 KB)