Plankton Mesh Library

Hi @DanielPiker
Since i got found not much information on plankton library and tried to figure out how some methods are used here are some of my struggle to clarification (using latest release) :

  1. What PlanktonXYZ can be used for , and what could the method _getposition do for this property?
  2. The _splitvertex and _splitface : what is their input integers (first , second)(to ,from ) , is it vertices int ,… ?
  3. When using a plankton mesh in an code supplied for grasshopper component does the planktongh namespace reference for mesh conversion (and may other things) makes big difference in computation time if so , is it big enough to make one convert the plankton data in grasshopper canvas for reducing the component operation time ?


Hi Amir,

  1. PlanktonXYZ exists so Plankton can be used separately from Rhino. When using it in Rhino/Grasshopper though, you can get the vertex positions as Point3d using GetPositions.
  2. The inputs for SplitVertex and SplitFace are described here:
    and here:
    In both cases the input integers are the indexes of halfedges.
  3. It really depends what you are doing with it. Are you asking about converting Rhino meshes to Plankton meshes? referencing PlanktonGh is essential if you want to pass Plankton meshes into or out of the components you create.

Do you have something specific in mind that you want to use Plankton for?

Thanks Daniel
Actually I’m currently developing some mesh creation and refinement tools for grasshopper and found plankton library’s half-edge mesh structure so useful .

It’s mostly about time saving (even smaller amount ) : considering a loop of mesh creation and previewing in rhino , so each time the code is going to do the conversion , any further (slower) result instead of using regular rhino mesh structure rather than using pmesh then converting it ?